Blistering Heat Amplifies Fire at Nepalgunj Airport

June 7, 2015 – Nepalgunj

A fire broke out in the grasslands created chaos for over an hour in Nepalgunj airport. As a result, flights operating out of Nepalgunj were suspended for the whole time. The officials say that the fire was caused by someone throwing a live cigarette on the grass. It is yet unknown whether the smoker was an outsider or an airport staff who carelessly did so.

Fire at Nepalgunj airport

Fire at Nepalgunj airport

Photo: अर्जुन वली/YouTube

Meanwhile, the fire trucks had a hard time controlling the fire since the temperature of Nepalgunj has been increasing exponentially this past few days. Yesterday, the temperature of Nepalgunj was 43.3 Centigrade. Dry grasses and lack of wetness in the ground acted as catalyst for the fire – leaving the situation hectic and muggy. This incident brings forward the security situation in the airport.

In May 2010, a fire in Nepalgunj airport had engulfed the western part of the airport and had spread to the hangars.

Nepalgunj Airport Fire (video)
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