Pokhara Regional International Airport – Facts and Figures

40 years after the Government of Nepal took possession of over 155 hectares of land for building an international airport in Pokhara, Prime Minister K.P. Oli laid the foundation stone for constructing a regional international airport.

The decision to build an international airport in Pokhara took off after the P.M. signed a $215.96 million loan deal with China Export-Import Bank last month. Here are some facts about the airport:


  • Located at Chinnedada, some 3 km east of Pokhara’s current domestic airport
  • Area of over 200 hectares
  • 155 hectares (3106 ropanis) of land were acquired in 1975


Capital and Funding

  • The Cabinet in October 2014 agreed to build the airport with Chinese funding
  • China EXIM Bank agreed to provide a loan of $215.96 million (Nepali Rupees 23.26 billion) on March, 2016 at 2% per annum
  • One-fourth of the loan amount provided without interest
  • Loan to be paid over 20 years with 7 years grace “interest-free” period
  • The Ministry of Finance (MOF) to provide sub-loan to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) at 5% p.a. for the construction of the airport

Airport Figures Based on a Feasibility Report

  • Airport to be spread over an area of more than 200 hectares
  • Airport to have one 45-meter wide and 2500-meter long runway
  • Will be able to handle medium category jets like Airbus A320s and Boeing 737s


  • China CAMC Engineering Co. Ltd. is the contractor for the project
  • To be completed by 2020
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