Fuel Crisis Measure: Thai Airways HS-TJU Boeing 777-2D7(ER) at Kathmandu

On September 25, 2015, Thai Airways conducted its Nepali flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu with a B777-200ER aircraft instead of -200. This was probably due to the fuel crisis looming in Nepal these past few days due to the unofficial blockade imposed by India.

The ER (stands for Extended Range) can carry up to 14,220 gallons more fuel than the non-ER model of Boeing 777-200.

Thai Airways HS-TJW Kathmandu Nepal

Thai Airways

Aircraft: Boeing 777-2D7(ER)

Registration: HS-TJU

Flight: TG319 (September 25, 2015)

Remarks: on final for RWY02 at Kathmandu airport, inbound from Bangkok

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